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World Picture: Xu Bing’s Dragonfly Eyes (2017)

Author: DONG Bingfeng 董冰峰  Translator: Xiang FAN樊响


‘World Picture: Xu Bing’s Dragonfly Eyes’ was a research-led exhibition based on the concept of Xu Bing’s ( 徐冰 ) work Dragonfly Eyes ( 蜻蜓之眼 ). It was the first systematic and comprehensive presentation of Dragonfly Eyes in China since its completion. At the same time, using Dragonfly Eyes as a research context, the curatorial team compared it with concepts and works intrinsically related to Xu Bing’s almost forty-year artist trajectory, in an attempt to explore a cross-media and interdisciplinary contemporary curatorial practice. The emphasis on presenting issues and viewing perspectives is undoubtedly a key point in facilitating communications between current cultural and artistic practices and the social scene.

Keywords: Dragonfly Eyes, film art, contemporary Chinese art