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Using Films and A Pleasure-Based Approach to Tackle Discrimination: He Xiaopei in Conversation

18 August 2021

In this 30-minute interview, Dr Hongwei Bao (University of Nottingham, UK) and Chinese queer feminist filmmaker He Xiaopei (Pink Space China) discuss how to use films to promote a pleasure-based approach in tackling discrimination in society, and especially in the health care sector. He Xiaopei also talks about her life, filmmaking career, as well as some of her films including Gay CatsI Love You Too and Evo and Chrissy

This interview was part of the Inclusivity Day organised by the student society Ensemble at Monash Malaysia in August 2021, and the video recording is courtesy of Ensemble. Ensemble’s Inclusivity Day is a student-led, educational event that aims to address healthcare discrimination against marginalised communities.

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