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Images in Exile: Essays on Wenhai’s Documentaries

In 2001, Chinese documentary film director Wen Hai left the television station where he was working in pursuit of independence and freedom and started shooting independent films. From his first film, Beijing Suburbs, to In the Place of Exile, made in 2019, he has shot more than ten documentaries and won countless awards. Images in Exile : Essays on Wen Hai’s Documentaries is the first anthology about Wen Hai’s documentaries. The book is divided into four parts: film reviews, interviews, theory, and appendices. Critical contributors include: Marie-Pierre Duhamel-Muller (Du Amei), Director of the Cinéma du Réel Film Festival; Zhang Zhen, Professor of Film at New York University; Cao Kai, Director of the China Independent Film Festival; Cui Weiping, Professor at the Beijing Film Academy; and Chinese independent director Ai Xiaoming. Discussing the art of Wen Hai’s filmmaking in depth from the perspective of his aesthetic, style, technique, and personal filmmaking history, this book may be considered the best guide to Wen Hai’s documentary films.

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