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The 2nd International Gay&Lesbian Film Festival

Kids are in love

Light the candles in the shadow

Come into the darkness of discrimination

Illuminate the obscuration of tortuousness


Blow the golden bugle

Sing the song over the rainbow

And then

Dance in the shine of the ego…

God loves us

We love ourselves

We love the mortal world

     Cui Zi’en


Shanghai Panic (Andrew Cheng, 2002)  

Ignore the Gender (Wei Xing, 2001) 

Snake Boy  (Michelle Chen)  

DYKE March  (Stone, 2002)

Beautiful Men  (Du Haibin, 2005)

Withered in a Blooming Season     (Cui Zien, 2005)

 Butterfly   (Yan Yan Mak, 2004) 

 HoYuk-Let’s Love Hong Kong       (YAU Ching, 2002)

The Rules of Room 301 (Zhang Di, 2005)

Star Appeal  (Cui Zien, 2004)

Baobao (Han Tao, 2005)

Splendid Float(Zero Chou, 2004)

Jeanne et le Garcon Formidable     (1997 France)

The Dream Life of Angels         (France)