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Curator’s Introduction:

Siriguleng, a Mongol director who studied in Japan and Mongolia, grew up in pastureland and retains the highest reverence for the culture and spirit of the Mongolian people. His films have always depicted the folklore and traditions of Mongols. For him, modern Mongols are facing the crisis of a loss of identity, and he is eager to document what he believes to be the most important part of this identity on film, before it disappears.

Interview with Siriguleng by Gu Xue

Director: Siriguleng

Ethnicity: Mongol

Name in native language:


Director’s biography:

Siriguleng holds a Bachelor Degree in Film and Television Photography of Japan Institute of the Moving Image and a MA degree in Directing of Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture. He is currently doing PhD in Directing at Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture.

Next Film Project:

The Felt Fox

Bayard makes a felt fox for his unborn child, which leads to misfortune and Bayard’s death when he falls off his horse. His pregnant wife, Yngima, is left a widow. Unaware that a felt fox is a bad thing, she misinterprets the kindness of a good man, Gheorghe, and insists on caring for the felt fox. After, Yankima gives birth prematurely. She struggles to give birth in the wilderness, without knowing whether she will live or die. The film portrays the story of a Mongolian woman who, even though she has left her loving husband behind, remains faithful to him , mapping out the conflicting relationship between people’s devotion to their faith and their powerlessness in the face of real life difficulties.