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CIFA collects and preserves printed and digital photos about Chinese independent films, filmmakers and events. A sesarchable catalogue will be provided. Donations are welcomed.

The collection of Feng Yan’s Encounters (Japan, Documentary, Those People and Those Events) presents independent filmmaker Feng Yan’s experience of attending the Yamagata International Film Festival, stories between her and Japanese and Chinese documentary filmmakers, and her involvement in the cultural exchange of Japanese and Chinese independent documentary dating back to 1993.

The collection of “Chinese Independent Filmmakers at the Yamagata International Film Festival” includes photos of a number of filmmakers attending the film festival dating back to 1991.

The collection of “Chinese Independent Filmmakers and Artists through the Lens of Norman A. Spencerpresents Norman Spencer’s candid photos of Chinese independent filmmakers, artists, and important cultural events documenting the history of Chinese independent cinema.

The collection of “Ethnic Minorities in Chinese Independent Films” presents photos about China’s ethnic minorities taken by two independent filmmakers Chai Chunya and Gu Tao who have paid long term attention to China’s ethnic groups