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Melmii Borjigin

Curator’s Introduction:

Melmii Borjigin, a city-born Mongolian director, worked on the crew of one of China’s most active Mongolian directors, Urshan, after graduating from the Beijing Film Academy. She is also considered to be the most promising Mongolian woman director. She has been thinking about the differences between Mongolian life nowadays and how people imagine Mongolians in today’s homogeneous society, and how ethnicity in the present day should be manifested in audio-visual language.

Interview with Melmii Borjigin By Gu Xue

Director: Melmii Borjigin

Ethnicity: Mongolian

Name in native language


Director’s biography:

Melmii Borjigin graduated from the Beijing Film Academy with a BA and MA in Drama, Film and Literature.

Her short films Fading and A Mother Tongue Lesson have been shortlisted in the competition section of the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, won the Golden Word Award at the Beijing Film Academy, the Southern New Talent Award at the Southern Film Festival, the Short Film Award at Inner Mongolia Film Week, and the Five One Project Award of Inner Mongolia Hohhot. They have been screened in Germany, Denmark, Singapore and other countries.

Her independent screenplays, such as JuregdelThe Lonely White Camel LambNana and The Road to the Gangsta, have won the Outstanding Graduation Work Award at the Beijing Film Academy, the Beijing Film Academy Centauri Award, the Golden Word Award at the Beijing Film Academy, the Academy Award at CSFAA China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festivals, the Youth Video Forum, and the Support for Youth Outstanding Film Dramas programme of the Film Bureau of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. The Youth Video Forum.

She has participated in many films and documentaries, including Last Princess of Royal Blood: Tsetsenhangru at the University Film Festival, the international co-production Genhis: The Legend of the Ten, the historical documentary Through the Western Emperor’s Tomb, the folklore documentary Ulat Wedding, and the oriental fantasy epic film Fengshen Trilogy.

Next Film Project:

The Gyrfalcon

The film revolves around the family of Hai Dongqing, which tells the story of three generations repairing their relationships with each other.