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Inter-Asia Referencing And Minor Transnationalism: The Dissemination Of Chinese Independent Queer Films In Japan

YU Ning


Situated in the context of Queer Asia Studies, this article examines the production of independent queer films in mainland China and their dissemination in Japan. Drawing on the critical concepts of ‘inter-Asia referencing’ and ‘minor transnationalism’, I investigate why it’s difficult to disseminate Chinese independent queer films in Japan, especially queer community works; discuss what kind of interreferencing Chinese independent queer films can offer Japanese queer culture; and then suggest the possibilities that minor transnationalism offers for dealing with these difficulties of dissemination, including the Euro-America-centrism which has dominated the cultural exchange of queer films between China and Japan, and the constraints on accepting queer community work due to the emphasis on the financial viability of film festivals.