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Xiwan Corporation

Zhang Huancai

Release year: 2019

Run time: 74mins

Film type: Documentary


"Xiwan" Company, of course, does not have this company, because it is a company of migrant workers themselves, it is a virtual company, but there is also an entity, the entity is the labor market on the roadside, because it is located at the cross of Siwan Road, it has become a "Siwan company." To say why migrant workers want to have a company name without a company, it is not vanity, farmers can go to the city to work is lucky, since the work is famous, there must be a company name. This film is to record such a different migrant worker company with no fixed unit, no work guarantee, no rest holidays, no eight-hour system, no welfare benefits, no housing security, medical insurance, etc., all day long looking for work on the roadside, and then every day I do not know where the work place will be, record these people, but also record me. "Siwan company employees" different "winter, summer, autumn and spring".


Director biography

Zhang Huancai, a farmer and an enthusiast for rural video recording, made rural text records in 1985, started village photo records in 1995, and began village video records in 2005. The main records of the village four seasons, farming, folk temple fairs, weddings and funerals, villagers' daily life, oil and salt sauce and vinegar, home village memories, rural cultural activities and so on. Embarked on the documentary road, thanks to Caochangdi Wu Wenguang teacher for more than 10 years of reformatory guidance.