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Where Should I Go?

Li Junhu

Release year: 2009

Run time: 67 min

Film type: Documentary


“Do you regret coming to the city?” “I don’t have any regrets, even if I regret that things can never go back to as they were before”. This is a story about drifters: two displaced families; five futures unknown… For them, the city is very close, because they live in its centre; however, the city remains very distant, because they can never belong to it.


Director biography

Li Junhu graduated with a degree in photography. He currently works for the International Division of Shaanxi TV Station. His works include: Cyber Love (2004) Accompanied Study (2005) Born in 1977 (2006) Traveling a Thousand Li in Search of Mother (2006) City (2006) Brave Father (2007) (20th FIPA International Festival of Audiovisual Programs; Southern Appalachian International Film Festival, 2008; 2nd Chinese Documentary Festival—Best Short Documentary; Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2009)