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Wheat Passenger

Deng Bochao

Release year: 2011

Run time: 97 mins

Film type: Documentary


The film takes place in 2008. Hui Guo from Henan province is a harvester, who live off going to different provinces to harvest wheat. He and his father hire a driver and to go to Shaanxi in Henan Province. Here they meet other harvesters with whom they have a lot in common. They talk about the Sichuan earthquake and the difficulties with the wheat harvest. They bargain with farmers and think about ways to cut the car leader's commission. Sometimes they debate about other ways to make a living; sometimes they think of ways to escape the control of the car leader. The driver complains about the meals offered by the poor harvesters; the harvesters complain that the driver eats too much.


Director biography

Deng Bochao, Hainan University (06-10) undergraduate major in drama and film.Beijing Film Academy (10-11) cinematography diplomacy.Member of the editorial for Film Auteur. A wanderer and a loser under the secular standard.