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Wang Yang

Release year: 2016

Run time: 120 mins

Film type: Documentary


WEAVING explores the human connection between each other by examining memories, love and hate inside family’s complex relationship. The story takes us together with grandparents in their twilight years, as they reflect on their lives and attempt to make the remaining choices meaningful; the story seeks to understand the role of parents, the loneliness they endure, and tolerance that lightens up their children; and the story takes perspective of the young, to discover the truth of life and finding their own path in the future.


Director biography

Wang Yang, was born in Xi’an, China, and has an undergraduate degree in law. Since 2007, he has directed and produced four documentary films. Now he is an independent documentary director dedicated to documentary filmmaking. 2003:Founded Xianhu Culture, a website dedicating to the study of films, culture and history 2004: Participated in the filming of Wind Breeze Summer. Responsible for directing and the screenplay 2006: Participated in the HD film Sparrow 2007: Created Youth Film, a magazine dedicated to the new wave of Chinese cinema 2007: Founded Horizon Youth Film Studio 2007: Produced the documentary film Transition-Space which participated in various film festivals, including the Pingyao DV Film Festival 2007: Created Harvest Filmmaking Studio, which is dedicated to documenting the pain of contemporary Chinese society 2007: Curated “Exhibition of Films of Young Chinese Directors”. Produced the documentary films People of the New World and Young Screenplays: Ocean of Cui’s, East West, Earthquake Films: Experimental short film Going Home (16 mins) Documentary film On Your Mark (47 mins) Documentary film The Sound of Silence (146 mins) Documentary film Transition-Space (103 mins)