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Under the Split Light

Deng Bochao

Release year: 2010

Run time: 130 mins

Film type: Documentary


Hakkas live in Nanfeng Town with Limiao and Zhangzhou people. Yang Xiaobo is a folk song singer. One day he sets off to collect folk songs of neighbouring villages and towns. Ye Weitong is the friend of Yang Xiaobo’s son and invites me to visit his village. Ye Fangkui, elder brother of Weitong’s grandfather lives in the ancestral house. He could basically take care of himself but is already very old. At Lantern Festival, villagers lift sacred palanquins on the street to celebrate. But this tradition has been banned. The administrator of the Temple of the Lady of God asks the local government for permission. The villagers rush to the blocked street but are sent back. The only choice is to return after the police get off work.


Director biography

Deng Bochao, Hainan University (06-10) undergraduate major in drama and film.Beijing Film Academy (10-11) cinematography diplomacy.Member of the editorial for Film Auteur. A wanderer and a loser under the secular standard.