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Two Hearts

Sheng Zhimin

Release year: 2003

Run time: 93 mins

Film type: Fiction


Xinxin and Tingting are two girls living in Beijing. Xinxin is the daughter of rich parents, Tingting, a country girl, works on a phone sex-line. Although the two girls don’t know each other in real life, they have a close relationship on the Internet, although Tingting poses as a boy.


Director biography

Sheng Zhimin (born 1969) is a Chinese filmmaker from Beijing. Unlike other directors to emerge in recent years, Sheng has had no formal training. He instead began his career as a line producer, screenwriter, and assistant director for other filmmakers like Jia Zhangke, Fruit Chan and Zhang Yang.[1] In these positions, Sheng worked on the films Spicy Love Soup, Durian Durian, Public Toilet, and Platform.