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To Justify Bu Qinfu

Wang Yunlong

Release year: 2011

Run time: 90 mins

Film type: Documentary


Bu Qinfu, Wang’s mentor and colleague in the Kunming Military Arts Ensemble during the Cultural Revolution, was executed because of her dissent. When the state began to rehabilitate the victims of the Cultural Revolution, Bu’s name was never cleared: the army claimed that she died of illness and the local government described her death as “in the line of duty”. Wang, who witnessed Bu being escorted to her execution, spent ten years searching for the truth. Through extensive interviews with Bu’s fellow prisoners and relatives, Wang reveals the atrocities behind Bu’s death.


Director biography

Wang Yunlong joined the military art troupe in the 1950s as an actor and choreographer and participated in the Sino-Vietnamese border war. In the late 1980s, he began to produce documentary films, completing more than 20 works. Among them, Singing Praise , which reflects the transformation of a peasant writer, and To Justify Bu Qinfu , about actors who died in the Cultural Revolution, have been highly critically acclaimed.