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Three Stranded Youth

Hu Mage

Release year: 2007

Run time: 84 mins

Film type: Documentary


Huoshan, a lesser-known village in Hubei, 1400m above sea level. Like your village, it is a village of old people and children. Some youths stayed here, Huobiwu, Li Chuanshi and the "blacksmith" are three such youths. For various reasons, they did not leave the village to find work. They stayed and did not have any desire to farm. The pig trade was the main enterprise in the village outside of farming. Pigs were bought cheaply from village families by pig dealers and then sold at a high price in the town for a profit. The summer of 2007 was like any other, but the monsoon season came. Soil erosion, landslides, broken roads and the sudden spread of the pig epidemic all killed the three young men's pig trading business. They rode back and forth on their motorbikes. Their pig baskets are empty.


Director biography

Hu Mage:born 1973 in Huoshan Village, Hubei. He has produced Record “Everyone has a little stool; Leave mine out of the 21st century”, “A slap killed seven”, “No Cutting”. In 2000, he made a short film “Life is boring, thank God for high heels”, and “Three Stranded Youth”.