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Three Small Animals 3

Xue Jianqiang

Release year: 2012

Run time: 23 mins

Film type: Documentary


The lives of three children which were born after 1990. This is the third episode of "Three Small Animals".


Director biography

Xue Jianqiang was born in Shan Xi Provence in 1984. His documentary works include Three Small Animals 2007\2009\2011, < em>I beat tiger when I was young, Martian Syndrome,1=0. His experimental short films include Lie Wilderness,There is no memories left. I have recorded everything, Buns.

Director's statement

This is my sixth year of makingThree Small Animals, as it was recognised at the festival. But now, I've learned a lot from it. I am constantly watching people as a spectator, paying attention over time. That's sort of filling in the blanks. But it's different from what I first saw. I always remind myself that this eye is still my own pleasure. We never linger for any one person to watch.