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Three Small Animals 2

Xue Jianqiang

Release year: 2009

Run time: 30 mins

Film type: Documentary


The short film recorded three boys’ life in "Three small animals" in 2009. Junjun is born in 1992, living with selling chopping knife. Kailong, a fugitive businessman, is born in 1993. At prime tense, he is a small shop boss, then, he is in fugitive for stealing. This short film documents the lives of three boys in the 2009 film "Three Small Animals". Jun was born in 1992 and sells kitchen knives for a living. Kailong, a businessman on the run, was born in 1993. In his prime, he was the owner of a small shop before he was hunted down for stealing. Fengjie, an ordinary man in the social system, was born in 1994. Before the new school term started, he spent all night in the car doing his summer homework. Six months later, he dropped out of school again because he had missed his junior high school course. In particular, the film includes their views on their girlfriends.


Director biography

Xue Jianqiang was born in Shan Xi Provence in 1984. His documentary works include Three Small Animals 2007\2009\2011, < em>I beat tiger when I was young, Martian Syndrome,1=0. His experimental short films include Lie Wilderness,There is no memories left. I have recorded everything, Buns.

Director's statement

Among the these three kids, one comes form country while two come form coal mine. Among the these three kids, one lives in normal society system while the other two are not.