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Thirty Something

Zhuo Kailuo

Release year: 2013

Run time: 126mins

Film type: Documentary


In a small city in northeast China, nearly thirty people a few years, they face their own problems: working at the object, getting married, buying a house, job promotion ...... facing life, facing reality, in the face of change in China, how they position themselves, how to respond. Perhaps their respective issues, not just about the individual, as a generation born after the reform and opening up, when went thirties, involuntary too much gap, unwilling and helpless. At thirty, thirty have to set it up in where? We knew it, so this year has passed.


Director biography

Zhuo Kailuo, born in Panjin, Liaoning province in 1981, graduated from the Photography Department of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently teaching at the School of Visual Arts in the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. Mainly engaged in the work of screenwriters and directors, but also the creation of documentaries. Now living and working in Shenyang.

Director's statement

Several characters in the film are my friends, the 2011 Spring Festival, asked how to meet each other, and the answer was "just right", which caused frustration and avoided my initial concerns, the bottom up this answer is also in my heart. What makes us different occupations who state so consistent, so that this group of people are groups of premature aging. Sadly, when I tried to ask them the reason, these friends did not fully realize this was a problem, they looked puzzled so I understand the reality deconstructs everything "intellectual" type of concerns. When the "more money" has become the sole owner of the target and answers, all the discussion about the meaning is no longer needed. So I put away the expected answer, but with some kind of heart and determined to pick up the machine to start recording. The film is the first part of the Chinese Life After 80 series, taken in 2011-2012. The remaining two parts of "Life Begins at Forty" and "Fifty knew her fate." Planned for 2021 and 2031 to implement the shooting...