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The The

Li Hongqi

Release year: 2019

Run time: 166 minutes

Film type: Experimental Film


Li Hongqi's fourth feature-length film. This "film" is both hysterical and incredibly silent. Although portrayed by "real people," it is actually a true "animated film" in the real sense. It is a "stage" created by the simultaneous forces of infinite expansion and infinite collapse. Eight "marionettes" entangled by the "stage." Two intermittently visible and broken "marionettes" with severed strings. They clutch each other's hair, trying to break free from this "stage." They can't accomplish anything. The constant repetition of frustration only strengthens their desire to escape the "stage." Furthermore, even though no glasses are required, you can also perceive this film as a genuine 3D or VR film. Take off the pair of "glasses" you were born with, and perhaps "you" can "discover" something from within this "world."


Director biography

LI Hongqi (1976, Shandong) graduated from the painting department of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1999. He was part of the loosely associated group of Nanjing-based 'Tamen' poets. Li Hongqi is also a novelist and filmmaker. His first feature film So Much Rice (2005) was screened at the Locarno, Pusan, Vancouver and Sao Paolo film festivals. Winter Vacation is his third film.