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The Rocking Sky

Zhang Zhaowei

Release year: 2015

Run time: 104 min

Film type: Documentary


In the early days of World War II the Republic of China suffered immeasurably at the hands of invading Japanese forces. At that time, China only had 300 combat-capable aircraft while the Japanese Air Force had over 2,000. Essentially, The Rocking Sky depicts not only the Chinese pilots' bravery and their fates, but also mourns the romance that was buried with the only thing worth fighting for at this darkest hour.


Director biography

Journalist, underground concert organizer, café manager, editor, photographer, film director, author of three books, critic, Zhaowei’s experiences defy summarization. As one of the co-founders, CNEX has become Zhaowei’s latest project. His belief: that CNEX will become the New Youth of our visually networked society.