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The Road to Death

Ni Huaxuan and Ah Nuo

Release year: 2018

Run time: 65 mins

Film type: Documentary


This film tells the story of Mao Xiaodong and Mao Xiaoping, two brothers who leave their rural home to work in Guangxi and Guangdong respectively. Their working life is very boring and monotonous, and their only hope is to make money. Two threads intertwine, one about the older brother, Mao Xiaodong, who tells of his desperate situation of life, and the other about the younger brother Mao Xiaoping, who tells of his desperate situation of death. The elder brother leaves the countryside to work in the city to make hard-earned money in order to return home to marry and have children, his life journey already planned. He struggles to continue his boring mechanical work, to be in a position to continue the legacy of the next generation, and does everything he can to survive. The younger brother wants to flee from the broken and unbearable countryside that he cannot escape, not only contesting himself but also contesting the traditional constraints of the countryside, only to discover after escaping from the countryside to the city that he cannot escape his own abyss, from the shabby desolation that the countryside has created.


Director biography

Ni Huaxuan
Born in 1986 in a small county in Shandong province, he left school at the age of 17 to work for a few years and then returned to school to study. He wants to experience different life journeys through the form of documentaries, covering subjects such as abandoned babies, disabled/left-behind children, pneumoconiosis, pro bono lawyers, work injury rights, etc. His subsequent works will only focus on female subjects, and his desire to understand "people" is unshakable.

A Nuo (Huang Yongjin) is a director and artist, born in 1983 in Qinzhou, Guangxi, now living in Beijing. He has participated in many international and internal and external art exhibitions, and independently directed films and documentaries.