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The Nuo Parade

Gui Shuzhong

Release year: 2012

Run time: 16 mins

Film type: Documentary


On the thirteenth of the first month of each year, Xiafang Village, Anle Township, even in the cold and rain, the Seven Saints Peregrine Falcons, who are shirtless, are powerful and mighty. During the 2008 Spring Festival, Uncle Ghost's desire to record terroir images was irresistibly teased.


Director biography

Original named Ning Yuanguai, Gui is a poet and independent documentary director. He was born in 1967 in Ninghua County, a mountainous Hakka area in the northwest of Fujian Province. Gui has finished four documentaries about local Hakka folk culture: Yukou Paper, Old Genealogy, Chronicles of Hulling Rice, and Revive. He has also directed several short films, including Wugong Sutra and The Ballad of Spring.