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The Mountains Sing

Badlands Film Group

Release year: 2021

Run time: 40 mins

Film type: Documentary/experimental film/visual art


“Hawfwen,” a traditional gathering that used to be popular, where the Zhuang people would sing folk songs. It often takes place around clan temples or under old trees. Singers are divided into male and female groups. They improvise their lyrics to sing in correspondence with one another. Traveling along the songs in antiphonal style, the camera has found different singers and gatherings, lingering in rural areas and cities, trying to find the broken echoes of “hawfwen.”


Director biography

Badlands Film Group is an experimental doc group founded by Yang Xiao and Chen Sisi in 2020, which is dedicated to rediscovering the form of media that connects the weak. Their latest film THE MEMO won the Best Documentary Short Film at the 60th Taipei Golden Horse Awards.