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The Mani Stone Wall

Guo Hengqi

Release year: 2021

Run time: 107 mins

Film type: Documentary


Li Bing is a Buddhist nun who has worked for years to set up schools for local children in ethnically-Tibetan regions. In September 2016, she helped set up the Songhe Mani Tent School and hired two teachers, Gan Ge and Lhamo. The local incarnate Buddhist Lama has problem with their behaviors. In March 2017, as the new semester starts, the villagers come up with all sorts of excuses to demand that Lhamo be removed as teacher at the school. As Lhamo is forced to leave, Li Bing decides to remove Gan Ge too, as well as all the tents that serve as the school’s dormitory.


Director biography

Guo Hengqi was born in 1979, in Shanxi, China. In 2007, he joined the post-production team of AI Weiwei’s documentary Fairytale as an assistant editor. In December 2007, he worked as the editor of Wang Bing’s Crude Oil, and he edited Zhang Chi’s drama Ubu Roi in January 2008. Between February 2008 and August 2010, he shot his own documentary, New Castle, which was later awarded Best Documentary at Busan International Film Festival 2010, and selected by Cinéma du Réel, Hot Docs, Yunnan Multi-Culture Visual Festival and Taipei Film Festival in 2011.