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The Legend Of The Shehuo Of The Bull Riding Official

Zhang Huancai

Release year: 2024

Run time: 119mins

Film type: Documentary


"The bull riding official" Shehuo "legend" legend is legendary in this "Shehuo" pay attention to the rules, are hundreds of years ago after the slightest change to copy. Then this "She fire" is also the villagers spontaneously and voluntarily organized, the process is commonly known as burning, stirring up enthusiasm, using the method of stirring up enthusiasm, this process is the most lively at night "she fire", the second is to grab the "first furnace incense", the third is to discuss the size of the meeting to walk the route, the fourth is to choose the cow master, democratic evaluation of who will be the biggest official in the "she fire" for two days. The fifth is to choose cattle, in a radius of hundreds of miles to choose strong cattle for the master to ride. Seventh, is the official "Shehuo" day, we must first go to ask the master to see "Shehuo", the ceremony is grand, the etiquette is complicated, are ancient inheritance. And then finally the folk art show.


Director biography

Zhang Huancai, a farmer and an enthusiast for rural video recording, made rural text records in 1985, started village photo records in 1995, and began village video records in 2005. The main records of the village four seasons, farming, folk temple fairs, weddings and funerals, villagers' daily life, oil and salt sauce and vinegar, home village memories, rural cultural activities and so on. Embarked on the documentary road, thanks to Caochangdi Wu Wenguang teacher for more than 10 years of reformatory guidance.

Director's statement

In that year, I wanted to make a documentary about folk customs, because there was a folk custom "Shehuo" in my eldest sister's village, which was passed down from the Qing Dynasty hundreds of years ago. The leaders of "Shehuo" still wore official uniforms in the Qing Dynasty, but they were not allowed to ride horses, they could only ride oxen, and one foot was allowed to wear official boots, and the other foot had to wear straw sandals. There are also a lot of legendary stories, with a strong curiosity, lived in my sister's house, dark day, shot the whole process of their village cow master "She huo".