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The Days

Wei Xiaobo

Release year: 2011

Run time: 86 min

Film type: Documentary


After graduation, we lived together in a rented house. I (Wei Xiaobo)had a bad temper, she was always losing her job and looking for a new one; two people living through quarrels and sighs. The camera was in the corner; it recorded a life in which every day lacked hope.


Director biography

Wei Xiaobo was born in Shandong in the early 1980s and now lives in Hunan. He has made documentaries since 2005.

Director's statement

In this country of the danse macabre, news has become the story, society has become politics, life has become business, people have become symbols, and speculation has become routine. Behind all these, the majority of the countless “little people” are neglected. They do not have stories, no features, no catastrophic disasters, just everyday life. Perhaps one day, the demons will be dispersed. Then I hope people will see two small ordinary lives captured in this documentary.


  • 2011 Top Ten the 8th Beijing Independent Film Festival