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The Days 2

Wei Xiaobo

Release year: 2012

Run time: 109 min

Film type: Documentary


Xie Fang and I lived together after graduating. There was lots of trouble, but also compromises. As we got older, we faced the question of marriage. This was a bother.


Director biography

Wei Xiaobo was born in Shandong in the early 1980s and now lives in Hunan. He has made documentaries since 2005.

Director's statement

This is the second documentary that I have shot about me. It is a part of my life. In fact, your life is something only you yourself know. Some things you don't say, and outsiders never know. So, I think it is necessary to record the details of life, even those details that disgust me. Of course, this film can also be used to research young people's marital status.


  • 2012 Top Ten the 9th Beijing Independent Film Festival