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Wang Liren

Release year: 2009

Run time: 108 mins

Film type: Drama


Tattoo is like a film noir situated on a different planet. The story is about a group of petty criminals, basically kids hanging around on street-corners, in a sleepy Chinese coastal town. Leizi is a member of the local militia, but bored stiff. With tough friends like Hei-di, his girlfriend Ah-hua who prostitutes herself, and Qingmao who has just returned from prison, Leizi spends his time drinking and keeping the neighbourhood awake. They extort money from Ah-hua’s clients and sell things for the local gangster, Mr. Lian. When Leizi meets the righteous daughter of the Christian foreman, he starts having his doubts about his lifestyle. But the chain of violence, starting with extortion and kidnapping and ending in murder, has already started and no one can escape it.


Director biography

Wang Liren, born in 1970 in Fujian, is an independent filmmaker. He studied at Beijing Institute of Information Engineering, Beijing Film Academy and Peking University. He has been actively involved in Chinese independent film production for many years. In 2001, he and independent film directors Ding Jiancheng and Zhang Meng advocated the establishment of October Film Creation Society.