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Street Life

Zhao Dayong

Release year: 2006

Run time: 110 min

Film type: Documentary


Nanjing Road is a place of brilliance and amusement in a city dazzling with China’s surging economic growth. But in the back streets, migrants are busy scrounging in the garbage bins, through rubbish left behind by the bustling crowds, to make ends meet. In order to better understand this city, we should begin by looking at their lives.


Director biography

Zhao Dayong is an internationally celebrated director working in independent film, based in China. Zhao's work in documentary and feature film explores themes of existential anxiety and spiritual bankruptcy in the face of a China that is rapidly transforming. A present day social and economic situation in which history, culture, meaning, and even love and family, are often destroyed in the pursuit of mirages of prosperity. Zhao's works combine a strong artistic sensibility with an eye for raw, revealing, and poetic moments.