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Stone Mountain

Du Haibin

Release year: 2006

Run time: 112 min

Film type: Documentary


In a remote village in China’s northeast, Old Cao, Little Cao, Yu and Zhang support themselves mining granite, working day in day out. Following a short break for Spring Festival they return to the mine, only to find the land has been bought by real estate developers who wish to convert it into a holiday resort. An agreement is reach extending their contracts for a year, avoiding imminent unemployment, but what will happen after that?


Director biography

DU Haibin, filmmaker, teaches at the School of Film in China Academy of Art. He graduated from the photography department at Beijing Film Academy in 2000, and started documentary filmmaking and creative photography work since 1998. His works include Doudou (1999), Along the Railway (2000), Under High-rise Buildings (2002), Beautiful Men (2005), Film Childhood(2006), Stone Mountain (2006), Umbrella (2007), 1428 (2009), and A Young Patriot (2015). Among his many awards, Along the Railway was named Best documentary at the Festival du film indépendant Chinois in Paris and won Special Mention at the International Documentary Film Festival in Yamagata, Beautiful Men won the Best Asian Documentary award at the IFF in Pusan, 1428 won the Orizzonti Award for Best Documentary at the Venice International Film Festival.