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Single Woman

Lin Xin

Release year: 2019

Run time: 112

Film type: Documentary


The film records the emotions and destinies of seven single women. Whether at a loss, confused, waiting in hope, disappointed, helpless, compromised, independent, or defiant, they are closely bound up to this agitated and chaotic era. Through their different experiences they tell us about the failed marriages of middle-aged women, about life being single, and about a group of men who have not yet shown up but who appear vivid from a female perspective.


Director biography

Lin Xin was born in 1960. He has held several painting and calligraphy solo exhibitions in various locations including the Art Museum of China in Beijing, and in Xi’an. His documentary films include Chen Lu, Sanlidong, Classmates, Gas, Preachers, Koudelka, Chen Jiayong, Riverbed and Single Women. Lin Xin has had painting catalogues published, a collection of poems and a monograph, Sanlidong: The Image History of Migrant Miners from Shanghai.

Director's statement

By chance, I ran into a circle of friends of a local female writer and I started recording the emotional life of her and other single women, their views on men, and on the current state of relationships between men and women.