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Singing on the Construction Site

Deng Bochao

Release year: 2019

Run time: 12 mins

Film type: Documentary


Don't forget to have poetry when making a living. This is romance. Even if you live in a sheepfold, you have a holy smile like a baby. This is romance. Listening to folk songs from the workers' hometown at the construction site in Shenzhen is touching. Once the song stops, you become eager for it. This singing series is also called "Sharing Hometown" and “Lingering Songs". You see, the eyes of the singing workers are shining, because we are all close to the Buddha.


Director biography

Deng Bochao, Hainan University (06-10) undergraduate major in drama and film.Beijing Film Academy (10-11) cinematography diplomacy.Member of the editorial for Film Auteur. A wanderer and a loser under the secular standard.