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Silent Ghosts

Yang Heng

Release year: 2023

Run time: 142 mins

Film type: Fcition


In the morning mist, there was a woman, a traveler from afar, a strange old man, a reckless young person, and two police officers with different intentions. The story unfolds in a mysterious small town.


Director biography

Yang Heng, born in 1975, is of the Tujia ethnic group and hails from Jishou City, Hunan Province, China. He graduated from the Photography Department of the Beijing Film Academy in 2001. In 2006, he completed his debut film "Betelnut" and won the New Currents Award at the 11th Busan International Film Festival, the Prix Nouveau Regard at the 28th Three Continents Festival in Nantes, France, and the FIRPRESCI Winner at the 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival in 2007. In 2007, he was invited to create the film installation "Nirvana" for the Rotterdam Film Festival. His screenplay "Sun Spots" was selected for the Cinefondation project at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008. In 2008, he participated in the Portugal Film Cooperation Program and was invited to shoot the short film "Ping Pong". He has also directed short films such as "Ao Tu", "Compartment", and "Forgotten Moments". In 2013, he completed the film "Lake August", nominated for the FIRPRESCI Award at the 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival. In 2022, director Yang Heng's film "Silent Ghosts" was selected for the Harbour section of the 52nd Rotterdam International Film Festival. That same year, he won the WIP Award and the "Marché du Film" in Cannes, both at the 20th Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF), and was also nominated for the WIP section of the 5th Pingyao International Film Festival.

Director's statement

If "Ghost in the Mountains" explores the relationship between oneself and others, then in "Silent Ghosts," Lao Liu searches for his own lost soul. The mysterious woman transforms into different identities, encounters different men, and reveals the past and traumas of each person's heart, constituting different stages of a person's life, slowly uncovering the history and myths of a space. The story spans from day to night, extending over a day. A person's day is like a long lifetime. And sometimes, a person's lifetime also seems like a short day.