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Sign Language Time

Su Qing & Mina

Release year: 2010

Run time: 102 mins

Film type: Fiction


The film transcends time, space, and regions, seeking out the voices of deaf individuals in several cities across China. The segments they narrate gradually reveal the joys and sorrows of the deaf world. For the first time, the film touches on a series of sensitive topics such as the status, education, crime, language, marriage, and employment of the deaf, pioneering a way to present the existence of this group through the perspective of deaf individuals. The candid and vivid narratives of the deaf individuals in the film are moving enough to be considered pioneering the "history of signing."


Director biography

Su Qing, born in 1969, is from Inner Mongolia and currently resides in Beijing. From 1998 to 2002, she worked as a program director at Chongqing TV and CCTV. She directed TV series such as "Chinese Folk Art" and "Chinese Cultural Relics" for overseas distribution, as well as documentary series like "The Story of Chinese People" and character documentaries like "The Song of Life". She was nominated for the China Television Starlight Award. Since 2002, she has worked as an independent documentary director and producer. Her notable works include "White Tower" (2004) and "Sign Language Time" (2010). In 2008, she and Mina established the "Su Qing Mina Studio" and "Mina Restaurant" in Songzhuang. Mina, born in Chongqing and currently residing in Beijing, is an independent documentary director known for her works "White Tower" (2004) and "Sign Language Time" (2010). She graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology with a bachelor's degree in fashion design and obtained a master's degree in art management from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She has previously worked as a fashion designer, brand planning specialist, marketing manager, and commercial executive director. In 2008, she co-founded the "Su Qing Mina Studio" and "Mina Restaurant" with Su Qing in Songzhuang.