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Xu Tong

Release year: 2011

Run time: 100 mins

Film type: Documentary


Tang Xixin is a retired railway official who has lost little of his outspoken character at the age of 80. He does not like to receive his adult children in his ramshackle home, but he makes an exception for his daughter Caifeng. She runs a brothel and is involved in equally illegal mining practices; in other words, a woman of the world who energetically evades the long arm of the law. Old Tang, with his flood of words, is an ideal witness to the twentieth century; his daughter is a colourful symbol of the new China, even though in the eyes of the state she is undoubtedly far from a role model. Xu Tong’s intimate, occasionally raw style of filming fits his subject matter well.


Director biography

Xu Tong, born in Beijing in 1965. In 1983, attended the Journalism and Photography programme at the Communication University of China. Xu currently resides and works in Beijing. He made documentaries "Wheat Harvest," "Fortune Telling," and "Shattered" collectively referred to as the Nomad Trilogy. Subsequently he completed the documentaries "The Fourth Brother" and "Cut Out the Eyes." He has participated in numerous domestic and international film festivals, receiving awards. In 2011, he was awarded as the "Cultural China Person of the Decade" by the Oriental Morning Post. In 2013, the novel "Treasure Island" was published by the Yangtze Literature and Art Publishing House.