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Red Bucket and Key


Run time: 9 mins 38 secs

Film type: Fiction


One day, Ngawang finds that the key to his house is missing and a man with a red bucket appears in the compound.


Director biography

Kangdrun graduated from the School of Drama, Film and Television, Communication University of China with a degree in filmmaking. Her work Sophie and Qu Zhen's TV Show was shortlisted at the Beijing University Student Film Festival. Her work Yagicham was included at the fifth 86358 Jiajiazhuang Short Film Week and in the main competition of the 20th Beijing Film Academy ISFVF Exhibition.

Catalogue of work:
2017 Tibet's first rock band documentary, The Pestle
2019 Tibetan short film Baima , The Other Side , White and Table , Red Bucket and Key
2020 Sophie and Quizin’s TV Show
2021 short summer in lhasa

Director's statement

A story that takes place in a Lhasa compound, whose alleys and compounds have their own unique flavour. The film captures a child's perspective on a lost key and a man with a red bucket.


  • Tibetan Youth Video Week, "Beginnings" programme