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Zhang Shihe

Release year: 2016

Run time: 115 mins

Film type: Documentary


This investigative documentary gives a comprehensive record of the development of China's "August 3 Crackdown on Mafia" campaign. Li Xiaoming, the main character of the film, escapes from the incident and goes through many ups and downs. The film explores that period from a personal point of view, slowly revealing the untold story of that period.


Director biography

Formerly known as Zhang Shihe, a native of Xi’an, Shaanxi, the first citizen journalist, documentary director, participant and witness of the League and the New Citizen Movement, was called “citizen reporter ’s” by many media such as Newsweek and Sanlian Life Week "First Practitioner", originally engaged in the Beijing film and television advertising industry, is now a freelancer. He joined the Writers Association in the 1980s and went to the sea to do business. After graduating from elementary school, he displayed his feelings in the form of blogs and DVs, which attracted the attention of many people. He also called himself a "walking blog". The video of the Wangfujing murder in 2003 earned him the title of citizen journalist.