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People's Free Talk

Wang Yiren

Release year: 2007

Run time: 19 mins

Film type: Experimental film


The film constructs its artistic framework around four groups of people: the "murmurers," the "mute," the "mad," and the poets. Each group possesses its unique way of expression to demonstrate their passion for the right to speech. For instance, the "mute" desperately uses sign language to express his views of the world, yet no matter how fervent his gestures are, it cannot change the indifference of others towards him. As for the poets, who are considered "normal people," even their acclaimed works, which were enthusiastically circulated among the crowd, eventually face absurd deconstruction by the normal group. The failure of communication plunges the expressers into a "prisoner's dilemma." In fact, in every linguistic system, every individual ultimately becomes a prisoner...


Director biography

In 2002, Wang Yiren participated in establishing 'Changchun Movie Group' and shot “What’s the Meaning?”his first short film, which he followed with the independently-made short film“Po Wu”in 2003. In 2005, his feature documentary,“From Chrysalis to Butterfly”, was screened at the Yunnan Multi-culture Visual Festival, the 4th China Documentary Film Festival, the 4th China Independent Film Festival and the 2nd Beijing Independent Film Festival. In 2007 he made the short lm “People's free talk”.