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Release year: 2015

Run time: 20 mins

Film type: Fiction


This film is about a father who is seriously ill and a son who does not pay attention to the traditional custom of sacrificing "Ovoo". This is a violation of the traditional Mongolian custom that "no woman can sacrifice Ovoo". It expresses the current situation in Inner Mongolia: the destruction of the environment and the loss of culture among the young people of today.


Director biography

Japan Institute of the Moving Image, Bachelor's Degree in Film and Television Photography Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture, Graduate in Directing Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture Doctoral Candidate in Directing

Catalogue of work:.
Short film Ovoo (China): script director, cinematography
Short film My Tokyo Story: script, director, cinematography
Producer of the feature film The Legend of Ejihada
Screenplay for the feature film Normin's Wish, director and cinematographer

Director's statement

The film is an expression of the current situation in Inner Mongolia.


  • 1st Inner Mongolia Youth Film Week
  • The 1st International Young Directors Exchange at Xi'an Engineering University