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One thousand plateaus: The Bright Volcanos

Cong Feng

Release year: 2021

Run time: 15mins

Film type: experimental film


In 2020, "shouting from buildings" entered people's field of vision. While the term initially suggests people shouting within buildings, visually, "building shouting" seems more appropriate. In certain videos of this short film, the local Wuhan accent shouting "Wuhan jiayou" (a phrase meaning "Keep fighting, Wuhan") sounds like "wu han jiayou," which translates to "building shout jiayou." This interpretation aligns more closely with reality: it's not people shouting, but the buildings, the rooms themselves, shouting, as the earth trembles and pulsates.


Director biography

Poet and filmmaker Cong Feng was born in Chengde in 1972. He has previously worked at the National Satellite Meteorology Centre of China and as cultural editor for The International Herald Leader. He has also published two volumes of poetry and taught English to secondary school students. Since 2008, four of his documentaries have screened at the Beijing Independent Film Festival, including the film shot at the school where he taught, The Unfinished History of Life (2010).