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"One strike-three anti" in Baiyun Village

Jia Zhitan

Release year: 2013

Run time: 79 mins

Film type: Documentary


In 1970, when I was 19 years old, a "counter-revolutionary group" incident occurred in my village. A tragedy of villagers persecuting their fellow villagers unfolded, and more than 80 people were implicated. Forty years later, except for the parties involved who occasionally bring it up, the vast majority of those present remained silent and forgot, not to mention the younger generation born after the incident. Therefore, I decided to conduct an investigation as a former "witness" and "silenced" person, but now as someone who has "opened their eyes".


Director biography

Jia Zhitan is a male villager from Yuanyichang Village, Bayun Township, Shimen County, Hunan Province. He was born in 1951 and joined the Caochangdi Village Documentary Project when he was 60 years old.