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Old Veterans Never Die

Jiang Nengjie

Release year: 2015

Run time: 83 mins

Film type: Documentary


The He Huanjiu veteran who participated in the Battle of Taierzhuang is now nearly 100 years old. He recalls the wars of the past and sincerely hopes that there will be peace in the world and no more war.   

The difference between yin and yang was involved in the defense of Hengyang. Li Weiquan, an old man who participated in the Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Force, is now in good health and enjoys his old age with his wife.   

Transport soldier Zheng Yi lived in poverty in his later years. His wife passed away, he had limited mobility and depended on his daughter all his life, but still raised the baby girl he had picked up by the roadside.   

Different veterans, different memories of the War of Resistance, and different lives.  

This oral history of seven veterans includes scenes of the Anti-Japanese War but also captures the current circumstances of veterans of the Anti-Japanese War in Guangdong.


Director biography

Jiang Nengjie is a renowned independent filmmaker, documentarian, and director. He was born in Hunan province in 1985 and was member of the first generation left behind by parents looking for work in cities. In 2009 he established his Mianhuasha Film Studio and produced numerous documentary films featuring the countryside in China. In 2010, he made the documentary film The Road, which was nominated for the 7th China Documentary Film Festival. His most well-known film is Children at a Village School (2014), which is about village children left behind by their parents who go to the cities to work as migrant workers. It won Best Documentary Film in the 3rd Phoenix Documentary Awards. He has produced numerous films since then, including The Ninth Grade (2015), Anti-Japanese War Veteran (2015), Jia Yi (2016), The Sichuan Army Veteran Peng Guochen (2017), Yun Jie (2018), and others. His most recent documentary, Miners, the Horsekeeper and Pneumoconiosis (2019), has been very popular online due to the increasing public attention to health issues after the coronavirus outbreak. He is currently working on Rainbow Cruise, which is a documentary film about the LGBT community in China.