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Old Town

Geng Jun

Release year: 2017

Run time: 15 mins

Film type: Fiction


In a small clinic in an urban village, an anxious man and a sad man are on an IV, forging a temporary friendship from the simple concerns of strangers. The anxious man has a full bottle of fluids to give, and the sad man's drip is coming to an end. Suddenly, the anxious man has an emergency to attend. In the old town, two men wander around with their infusion drips.


Director biography

Born in Heilongjiang Province in 1976, Geng Jun has directed and written many films. These include: Hawthorn (2002); Diary in Bulk (2003); Barbecue (2004 Festival of Three Continents, 2005 International Film Festival Rotterdam); Youth (2009 Rome International Film Festival); and The Hammer And Sickle Are Sleeping (2013 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Best Short Film winner). He also directed Poetry And Disease (2011). In 2017 his film Free and Easy was screened at Sundance, where it won the World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award for Cinematic Vision.