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Oh, The Sanxia

Wang Libo

Release year: 2013

Run time: 108 mins

Film type: Documentary


Oh, The Sanxia presents the director’s in-depth research into, and subtle critique of, the Three Gorges Dam (Sanxia), which is the world’s biggest dam and one of China’s most expensive and controversial projects. The large-scale human relocation and long-term ecological impact of the dam have aroused wide concern. The film not only looks into the project itself but also reveals the vicissitude of China’s politics over the past three decades.


Director biography

Wang Libo has been making multimedia art since 1999. He made the multimedia drama Absurd Wall and several documentaries, such as Buried. Buried won the documentary prize at the Chinese Documentary Exchange Week and was voted the feature film champion at the 2010 Chinese Documentary Film Festival in Hong Kong.