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Ninth Uncle

Wu Jianxin

Release year: 2014

Run time: 74 min

Film type: Documentary


Nicknamed “Mayor of the Night Market”, Ninth Uncle has been a temporary worker managing the night market for over 30 years. Despite this success, his family life is quite the opposite. Almost 70 years old now, Ninth Uncle continues his night market life. However, Zhongshan Road, with its hundred years of history, is now facing reconstruction, and the night market full of food vendors will soon to be gone. Ninth Uncle helplessly watches the empire he worked his whole life for slowly fall apart.


Director biography

Wu Jianxin (born July 1969) is a Shanghai-based scholar, modern visual artist, and documentary filmmaker. Born and raised in Nanning, Guangxi, he graduated from East China Normal University in 1994 with a Masters degree in law. After graduation, he worked as a designer, journalist, editor, and journalism photographer. As a university professor, he teaches documentary production, journalism photography, TV commercial production, and experimental cinema.