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Nightingale, Not the Only Voice

Tang Danhong

Release year: 2000

Run time: 180 mins

Film type: Documentary


Nightingale, Not the Only Voice follows the lives of three artists, including the film’s director, on their shared journey through real and psychological oppression to self-discovery. Tang Danhong examines her past—particularly her relationship with her parents—and looks at the painful, formative moments that inform her current psychological state, her life, and her art.


Director biography

Born in 1965 in Chengdu, China, Tang Danhong is a feminist poet and avant-garde filmmaker. Before Tang became a filmmaker, she studied Library Science at Sichuan University, then went on to become an important poet in the 1980s. Tang’s first documentary, At Tsurphu Monastery, came out in 1998, and she has made several films about Tibet. Her parents’ abuse when she was a child is a major theme of her controversial 2000 documentary, Nightingale, Not the Only Voice. She currently resides in Israel.