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Never Say Goodbye

Tian Yu

Run time: 62mins

Film type: documentary


This film employs observational documentary techniques to present a movie theater and the final moments of those who rushed to her, accompanied her, and experienced joys and sorrows with her. Confronting the pandemic, unemployment, and the twists and turns of life's journey, facing things that will inevitably vanish, this theater and her friends tell their stories. The director, deeply connected to this theater and to film, dedicates this film to his beloved mentor, "Old Wan," and pays special tribute to Chinese cinema workers.


Director biography

In 2010, began working as a post-production director for the programs "Golden Years" and "Good Films Invitation" on the CCTV Movie Channel. After studying for a year at the Communication University of China, started working in documentary-related fields. Since 2013, has completed over 10 independent documentaries, including "Ten Months of Pregnancy," "The Choice of Intermediary," and "In the Name of the Ball." Among them, the documentary "Super Engineering Season 2" won the Best International Communication Award at the 6th China Documentary Academy Awards, while "My September," "Do Not Disperse," and "Remote Slaughter" were nominated for awards at the 8th, 12th, and 10th China Documentary Academy Awards, respectively. From 2016 to present, has been involved in the production of documentaries such as "Super Engineering Season 2-3," "National Heavy Equipment 3," "Remote Slaughter," and "Snow Mountain Flying Rainbow," produced by CCTV Documentary Channel, CGTN, Finance Channel, Tencent News, Jiangsu TV, among others. During this period, held positions such as editor, executive director, and executive producer.