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My Wheat

Zhang Huancai

Run time: 25mins

Film type: Documentary


The wheat I want to do is, of course, the most beautiful time of wheat, the ear, the flower, and then the wheat smell everywhere. Then the farmers get busy, buying the tools for the harvest, arranging the threshing ground, and then the wheat is ripe, and then they harvest it with the sickle, pull it to the threshing ground and grind it, and finally there is the yellow, lovely grain. Of course, this process is to rush time with God, with the wind and rain are anxious farmers, but the rain is afraid of it, and look forward to it, because the harvest at the same time to grab seeds, so this is the farmer often said "three summer".


Director biography

Zhang Huancai, a farmer and an enthusiast for rural video recording, made rural text records in 1985, started village photo records in 1995, and began village video records in 2005. The main records of the village four seasons, farming, folk temple fairs, weddings and funerals, villagers' daily life, oil and salt sauce and vinegar, home village memories, rural cultural activities and so on. Embarked on the documentary road, thanks to Caochangdi Wu Wenguang teacher for more than 10 years of reformatory guidance.