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Mrs Lei

Zhuo Kailuo

Release year: 2017

Run time: 95 mins

Film type: Documentary


Lei Suyun was born in 1934, and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2010. Lei Suyun has forgotten a lot of things. She can't recognize friends and family. She can't help but lose everything. At the same time, the fear of loss is accompanied by strong loneliness. She kept repeating one thing all the time. She was sad and frightened. She vaguely remembered she was a great person, and she was the director of the Bureau of Finance, NPC member. People used to call her Mrs. Lei. She didn’t know why she end up like this.Her once brilliant achievements were gone with her memory.When she was angry, her tone and gestures can still show that she used to be a leader. LeiSuYun looked out of the window from the living room. She walked back and forth and cried in silence. She talked nonsense. However, she still remembered her name. She was struggling against despair, and trying to seize the self. Time, and the time of forgotten, constitute the gaze and past of Lei Suyun.


Director biography

Zhuo Kailuo, born in Panjin, Liaoning province in 1981, graduated from the Photography Department of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently teaching at the School of Visual Arts in the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. Mainly engaged in the work of screenwriters and directors, but also the creation of documentaries. Now living and working in Shenyang.

Director's statement

"Mrs. Lei” was filmed in 2015. LeiSuyun is my grandma. Because of the other work, I accidentally pointed the camera at her.This is not a documentary about Alzheimer’s disease, and is even not a film about this old lady, LeiSuyun.I hope that, through the loss of her memory, the meaning of life can be shown. Why is people alive? And,what is people alive for? This is a question that human beings have been eagerly awaiting an answer to. In her late years, Lei Suyun, who lost her memory, still has a certainty about her name. Does this mean that Lei Suyun responded to this question? Lei Suyun cried with sadness and anger, which proves that she can not accept her current condition from her deep and proud heart and also proves her dignity. Crying is her one and only struggle. When all this turned into a faint cloud of struggling depiction, dignity defeated forgetting. This strong old lady, is telling people what is truly precious. Perhaps we are the real patients in the world.